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At Lavon Water Sports, we offer you a last minute get away with all the facilities to provide you with a real vacation --by the day or by the hour.


About Lake Lavon

Lake Lavon is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to supply water to the member cities of the North Texas Municipal Water District; to provide flood control to the Collin, Dallas and Rockwall County areas, and to offer some of the best fishing, camping and boating in Texas.

  1. Length: 9,540 feet (2,908 m)
  2. Maximum Depth: 59 feet (18.0 m)
  3. Surface Area: 21,400 acres (87 km²)
  4. Conversion Storage Capacity: 275,000 acre feet (339,210,000 m³)
  5. Conservation Pool Elevation: 492 feet (150.0 m) msl
  6. Spillway level is 503.5 feet
  7. Shoreline Length: 83 miles (134 km)

Current US Military, Law Enforcement and Fire & Rescue Employees receive a generous discount from Lavon Water Sports.